Changing frequency (+ baud rate) doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I want to change the frequency of the board so the computations are faster (glitching a very long algorithm).
I have read the following posts from people who faced a similar issue:

The solution suggested in the previous posts doesn’t solve my problem.

> target.simpleserial_write('t', b"\x00") # dummy operation

> scope.clock.clkgen_freq *= 2 # from 7384615.384615385 to 14769230.76923077
> target.baud *= 2 # from 38400 to 76800
> target.simpleserial_write('t', b"\x00") # same operation as before

After the last call the hardware seems unresponsive. I know that changing the frequency is possible as I’ve done it in the past, yet my code used to do that ceased to function.
Did I miss something?? I use a STM32F3 CW308 on an UFO + ChipWhisperer-Lite.

Best regards

Sometimes the target needs to be reset after its clock is changed.
You can use the reset button on the CW308, or run reset_target(scope) (defined in jupyter/Setup_Scripts/Setup_Generic.ipynb).

That was it, thank you!!