CHES 2016 Server

The current server is at:

Hi, It seems that there is a problem with the link to the zip file containing the AES-128 implementation in C for the Virtual Hardware lab.
i.e.: “

Can you please check?

Woops - that should point to - huge thanks for taking the time to report that, wiki is fixed now.

Hi Colin,
Thanks for the update.
By the way it seems that the link to the virtual hardware lab disappeared, is it me?

Also, is there a way to evaluate the number of clock cycles required to execute a custom code (i.e to complain with the 10000 clock requirement of the ctf) without actually owning an XMEGA or the ChipWhisperer?
Maybe it would be possible to add such feature to the virtual hardware lab?

Best Regards,

I’ve found for the virtual hardware lab: I simply had to sign in to access it.
Do you have any idea for the clock measurement?

Hi Luiss,

Glad you got the hardware lab working - was checking that today… I had to take the server offline as setup a UPS to run the server now. So I had wondered if it was that, but hopefully things are working again now.

For the clock measurement - I was working on trying to document that better. Basically there are two issues:

  1. The system right now doesn’t document the build system - I’ll update the wiki tomorrow with this. This allows you to build the same project the system will.

  2. The clock measurement. I think this can be done with the Atmel Studio simulator… I’ll have to check that tomorrow as well sorry, getting too late here! Otherwise there may be other simulators that can give you an idea where the algorithm got to…


-Colin O’Flynn

Hi Colin,
Do you think it would be possible to automatically send a mail to participant of the CHES challenges as soon as a new challenge is posted?



For the timing information: I’ve uploaded documentation on using the simulator at .

For the email request: yes - am trying to get that added! Will send a site-wide email once that is an option.