ChipShouter x-y table

I read somewhere that there are plans to launch an x-y positioning table for the ChipShouter. Are there any dates available for when this is planned? If not, do you have any recommendations of tables that works well with the ChipShouter?

Depending when you looked - sometime from several years ago to now is the release date :wink:

We ended up redesigning a majority of it however, so I think we’re now in a more stable path. I don’t have a hard date (at least a few months to beta versions), the new design is based on open-source Marlin firmware, so also should be possible to DIY one (that could be put up sooner). It appears in some of the more recent photos (virtual booth, etc).

If you don’t need super-high accuracy (which EMFI doesn’t seem to need), the cheapest solution is using a 3D printer gantry and hack it on.

A slightly nicer option is a CNC mill body I think, there are many gantrys available from i.e., aliexpress. I’m using the “Archim2” baseboard for my prototyping (now moved to a custom driver board), but once I do some minor clean-up I was going to commit the config file for the Archim2.

The Archim2 doesn’t have super-beefy drivers is all, so you can’t use massive motors on it… but I mean for EMFI there isn’t much load on the system.



Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply and information. I guess it’s really up to us to make a socket that fits and use a 3D printer setup. No problem. Do you happen to have have design files for the socket/sprocket for which the ChipShouter will fit in, so that we won’t have to invent the wheel anew?


… or a CNC body as you mention. Money is not really an issue

There is a few 3D files out there from earlier - the “old” version of the mount is at I’ve got a “new” version I’ll try and upload shortly.

I had a plan for a nicer CNC one - actually had a new Bantam CNC mill coming but they’ve been delayed so it kinda mothballed it! I should have just outsourced the CNC milling part…