Chipwhisperer CW1200 wont power on after firmware upgrade attempt

Hello there, I am having trouble with the CW1200 pro. After connecting the unit to my computer and running scope, a message came on the terminal saying newer firmware was available.
I followed the steps on ChipWhispere Capture (Lite, Nano, Pro).
import chipwhisperer as cw
scope = cw.scope()
if scope.latest_fw_str > scope.fw_version_str:
the upgrade started and the unit went out.
After a while with no screen or lights, I unplugged and replugged it again, still not coming up.
USB port attempts to connect (audible signal) and it drops, no show in Dev. Manag.

Is anybody running with the same issues?
Help would be greatly appreciated since the unit is not mine and I will probably be liable for the costs if unable to fix it.


A few questions:

  1. What version of ChipWhisperer are you running?
  2. Do you know how far along the update got? There should be some text that gets printed during the update that indicates whether the bootloader is being entered, firmware is being programmed, etc.
  3. Are you using the 5V power supply that comes with the Pro? If not, try using it. If you are, unplug both the power supply and USB when attempting to power cycle the device.
  4. When plugging the device in, do you see anything about a device error or malfunction? Additionally, can you check Device Manager for a serial COM port (likely AT91 USB Serial Converter)?

I wouldn’t worry too much about the device being damaged - worst case is probably that you’ll need to open the device and manually short the ERASE pins.


Hello Alex,
I have no idea about the older firmware version and believe that didn’t reach the bootloader.
I was using the 5volts power supply (original) . Did cycle power after a while from the auto power off (several times) with no positive outcome.
At Device manager, Ports (COM&LPT), Bossa Program Port (COM6) shows every time that CW1200 is plugged into USB.
On the unit, Target Power LED flashes for a second and goes away.
If you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alex.

Hi Cris,

Ah sorry, was asking about the ChipWhisperer software version (newest full release is currently 5.7.0)

The device is just in bootloader mode then. You should be able to reprogram it by running:

import chipwhisperer as cw