Chipwhisperer-husky pcb project

Hello. In my country there are problems with buying equipment, and the only way to get it is to make it yourself. Could you post the pcb altium project (or gerber file) for the chipwhisperer-husky project?

Unfortunately no. For Husky we’ve open sourced the software, firmware, and FPGA code, but not the PCB. The CW-lite on the other hand is fully open-sourced; its PCB design files are here.

Hello. I have a ChipWhisperer Level 1 Kit, and I also made several targets (one of them I made for the Husky version back in October 2023). But I still want to get the Husky version. I pre-ordered it on Crowdsupply, but when the batch arrived, my order was canceled. I also ordered it on Aliexpress, but it was canceled due to a lack of stock. I found the schematic for the Husky version, but it’s difficult for me to do the board layout . Could you share just the Gerber file for manufacturing?(Or I’ll have to study this and do it myself from the schematic). I don’t need the entire project. I also successfully assembled the PhyWhisperer-USB. Thank you in advance!

Sorry, the original answer hasn’t changed.

Ok. Thank you anyway! You are making a very cool product!