Chipwhisperer LITE - ARM Schematics?

Hi to all,
is the schematics of the breakout board of the chipwhisperer lite in its ARM version available? Unfortunately I did only find the schematics for the Atmel case.

Basically, I am trying to find out whether the MCO (Main clock output) pin is routed to the HS pins on the 20 pin connector … It seems that on the UFO boards this pin is not routed.

Background: in the process of attacking my own hardware I’d like to proceed in small steps. As a first intermediate step, I am trying to make the uC generate its own clock and arrange the target board for synchronizing the ADC clock with the uC’s clock. I’d very much like to get this running with the breakout board with the STM32 target before starting over with the other hardware …



Resurrecting a post from the dead sorry - just ran across this! The schematic was added to git a while ago as was left out by accident.