ChipWhisperer Lite ARM Unable to communicate with found ChipWhisperer

For some reason when I try to connect to the CWLITEARM, I get the error:
OSError: Unable to communicate with found ChipWhisperer. Check that
another process isn’t connected to it and that you have permission to communicate with it.

My setup is as follows:
• M1 Macbook Air
• Running in Parallels Desktop (Windows 11 ARM) - using the windows bundled installer as I was having some issues with a couple different things doing it natively in Mac
• The USB drivers seem to be installed correctly since I can see MI_00 when I check the device instance path in Device Manager

Everything else in the Setup Test is working great. I would love any assistance with how I can move forward.

Update: I think perhaps the USB drivers aren’t installed correctly. When trying to follow the How to Change Driver steps though, I am unable to install the driver through Zadig which is saying “The driver installation failed.”


Not sure if you were about to figure out the install, but you’ll need to manually install the Arm versions for everything the CW installer includes. It might be easier to figure things out in your native OS, as I have seen ChipWhisperer work natively on M1. Based on what I’ve seen, you’ll want to get Python from conda miniforge and use the newest homebrew to get libusb.