ChipWhisperer lite glitch ext_offset

Hello, I need help in controlling the trigger

I have a board with a reset output

Is it possible to reset ChipWhisperer lite

more specifically so that it would reset the processor

low and high status
that is 0v and 3.3v

and scope.trigger.triggers = ‘tio4’ was responsible for arming the fault

and liberation "?

Is it possible without an external trigger

here is a simple code maybe someone can help me

import chipwhisperer.common.results.glitch as glitch
import chipwhisperer as cw
import serial
import time
import sys
import os
scope = cw.scope()

Set up scope specific parameters

scope.clock.clkgen_freq = 80E6

Trigger on IO4 this is connected to our reset line

scope.glitch.clk_src = “clkgen” # set glitch input clock
scope.glitch.output = “enable_only” # glitch_out = clk ^ glitch
scope.glitch.trigger_src = “ext_single” # glitch only after scope.arm() called = True = True

Trigger on IO4. This is connected to our reset line

scope.trigger.triggers = ‘tio4’

def reboot_flush():
global scope
# Cut power to target device = True
# Pull reset low = True
# Set up CW for glitching
# Put reset in high impedance mode (we are triggering off of it) = ‘low’
time.sleep(0.01) = ‘high’
# Power the target and wait for the glitch to trigger = False

gc = glitch.GlitchController(groups=[“success”, “failure”], parameters=[“width”, “offset”, “ext_offset”])
#gc.set_range(“width”, 40, 40)
#gc.set_range(“offset”, -45, -45)
gc.set_range(“ext_offset”, 45000, 48000)