ChipWhisperer-Lite + NAE-CW308T-STM32F3-03 setup and connection

I am trying to connect two boards: ChipWhisperer-Lite + NAE-CW308T-STM32F3-03.
I connected the boards using the available connector with the described cables.
I used schematics from github and pages:

Pictures of the connection are attached.

When I try to upload firmware to the target in Jupyter (http: //localhost: 8888/notebooks/jupyter/1% 20-% 20Connecting% 20to% 20Hardware.ipynb) there is an error.

Code Execution:

cw.program_target (scope, cw.programmers.STM32FProgrammer, "../hardware/victims/firmware/simpleserial-base/simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.hex")

Failed to detect chip. Check following:
1. Connections and device power.
2. Device has valid clock (or remove clock entirely for internal osc).
3. On Rev -02 CW308T-STM32Fx boards, BOOT0 is routed to PDIC.

What should I do to make the connection and code work properly?


You need to use the CW308 UFO base board linked in your post. Using the target boards standalone like this isn’t a supported configuration.


hmm jpthibault in the thread - CW308 UFO Board - BOM - #6 by fipio wrote:

“Consider how the CWLITEARM works. You just need to make the required connections from the ChipWhisperer’s 20-pin connector to your CW308_STM32F3 with jumper cables”

so I thought such a combination was possible.

Have you made any connections to the filter pins? Try routing FILTIN to FILT_HP.


Thank you very much. After connecting, FILTIN to FILT_HP works.
Now I can upload firmware to the STM32F.

STM32F Programming flash...
STM32F Reading flash...
Verified flash OK, 4919 bytes