ChipWhisperer Lite XMEGA initial firmware?

What firmware was pre-loaded on the XMEGA target chip when the ChipWhisperer Lite is shipped?

I ask because I flashed the AES firmware back on to the XMEGA target after having loaded my DES firmware. I found that the traces from the AES code provided don’t seem to be similar to the AES traces I captured from the XMEGA target before I started playing with firmware. In fact, the CWAnalyzer has a much more difficult time using DPA to discover the AES key with the provided firmware than with the pre-loaded firmware. So much so that I needed 400 captures instead of 50-100, and needed 4000 samples per traces instead of 2000.

So what was on the XMEGA target when it shipped?


Sorry on the delay here - having trouble getting forum responses forwarded to me(!).

Did you use the file at … -xmega.hex already? This ‘should’ be the default FW, so you should get about the same results.