ChipWhisperer Nano - Target Warnings

Hello there,

I’ve been working with the CWNANO device for over a year now. Yesterday I updated the CWNANO firmware to the newest version. Since updating, I am now getting warning messages of an incorrect configuration. For reference, I am using version 5.6.1 of the chipwhisperer library. The following code produces the output given below.

import chipwhisperer as cw

scope = cw.scope()

target =
    scope, cw.targets.SimpleSerial
)  # cw.targets.SimpleSerial can be omitted


cd ../hardware/victims/firmware/simpleserial-base/


The output produced is:

(ChipWhisperer Target WARNING|File Serial pins incorrect for NewAE STM32 target
(ChipWhisperer Target WARNING|File (tio1, tio2) != ('serial_rx', 'serial_tx')
(ChipWhisperer Target WARNING|File Did you forget to call scope.default_setup()?
Detected known STMF32: STM32F03xx4/03xx6
Extended erase (0x44), this can take ten seconds or more
Attempting to program 4727 bytes at 0x8000000
STM32F Programming flash...
STM32F Reading flash...
Verified flash OK, 4727 bytes

Please note that the relative pathing assumes that the code is being ran in the /jupyter directory of the chipwhisperer library.

How can I remedy this? Would it be possible to build a previous version of the firmware? Thank you for your time.

– brutalov

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I’m also getting the same errors (with every call to cw.program_target) with the latest version of the repository and FW running on a CWNANO.


This should be fixed with the latest commit.