ChipWhisperer Notebook got reset

Good morning,
I’m using a chipwhisperer Lite CW1173 XMEGA and was using it without any problem since 6 months.
Today I wanted to put my own crypto code into the target so I followed this tutorial V4:Tutorial B1 Building a SimpleSerial Project - ChipWhisperer Wiki.

However, when reaching the GUI part, I unfortunately run the Chipwhipserer Windows .exe which reset my Jupiter notebook. I lost all saves of my courses and labs as well as all the folders I created.

In addition to that, I can’t connect back to the chipwhisperer. When I try to run the Setup_Generic.ipynb file, I get the following error :

NotImplemented Error: Operation not supported or unimplemented on this platform

Which comes form the LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED loop

Do I need to reinstall everything ?


By Chipwhipserer Windows .exe , do you mean the program that’s used to open Jupyter, or the one that installs everything? If it’s the former, it shouldn’t overwrite anything. Is it possible that you’ve got ChipWhisperer installed multiple times? There might be another instance somewhere on your system with all of your changes.

For the error you’re getting, can you post the full stack trace? Additionally, can you find your ChipWhisperer in Device Manager and see if it appears under Universal Serial Bus devices.


I think this is the one opening Jupyter. However, I retried to launch with the VM and after a few reboots from my pc it went back to the version I was using before so it is perfect now !

Thanks for your help and time