ChipWhisperer Pro CW1200 Firmware Update Issue


I recently updated the firmware of the CW1200 using bossa.

I used the following command:

sudo bin/bossac -e -w -v -b path/to/firmware/file.bin

The output was:

Device found on ttyACM0
Erase flash
Write 64356 bytes to flash
[==============================] 100% (252/252 pages)
Verify 64356 bytes of flash
[==============================] 100% (252/252 pages)
Verify successful
Set boot flash true

However, the firware file was not the correct one. I got the correct one for the CW1200, but now I don’t manage to do the update, as I get:

Auto scan for device failed
Try specifying a serial port with the '-p' option

Or alternatively:

No device found on ttyACM0

when using the '-p ttyACM0' option.

The CW 1200 module does not even power up when plugged in. Is there anything I can do?


If you’ve uploaded firmware from another chipwhisperer, you can grab the latest commit on git and run the following:

from chipwhisperer.hardware.naeusb.naeusb import quick_firmware_erase
quick_firmware_erase(0xACE2) # replace 0xACE2 with the product ID of the firmware

You can get the product ID on Linux via lsusb.

Otherwise, you’ll need to open the unit and short the erase jumper as described in CW1200 ChipWhisperer-Pro - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation.

In the future, I recommend using our firmware install instructions at Updating Firmware — ChipWhisperer 5.7.0 documentation instead.


Indeed I had flashed the firmware of the CWLite.
I could bring it back to life with the first method, thanks a lot!

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