Chipwhisperer Pro Europe Power Adapter

I’m trying to determine if CW pro requires any power adapter (or does it get power from USB or something else) and if so, does it come with europe power plug?

I’ve seen that the pro version can only be bought My Shopping Basket - Mouser Europe, not even from official website: . Is there any other store to buy from Europe?

Mouser and the NewAE store are the only places you can purchase from.
Unfortunately the Pro is not available anywhere at the moment due to issues around parts availability.
When you order a Pro from us, you can specify which power plug type you want (see here: ChipWhisperer-Pro (Complete Level 3 Starter Kit) - NewAE Technology Inc)
If you require something soon, CW-Husky may be your best option. It exceeds the Pro on some (but not all) specs. We have a comparison table to help learn the differences: Overview & Comparison - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation


I see that the differences are minimal:

  • ADC Specs: Husky 12-bit 200MS/s, Pro 10-bit 105MS/s: Husky is more powerful here
  • Sample Buffer Size: Husky 80 000 samples, Pro 98 119 samples: Pretty much the same.
  • Clock Generation Range: Husky 10-350MHz, Pro 5-200MHz, which makes husky more powerful.
  • Modules: Husky: Basic, Analog Pattern, Analog Threshold, UART, Edge Count, Arm Trace, but Pro has SPI as well. Both have UART, Pro has SPI only, while Husky has a lot more options.
  • Analog Trigger: Husky 32 Samples, Pro128 samples, which makes Pro more poweful.

I’m not seeing a whole lot differences between Husky and Pro. But why is Pro Kit ( much more expensive than Husky. Is it the case that Pro comes with additional gadgets (target boards or whatnot) and this boosts the price. In this case what do I need to buy additionally to Husky (ChipWhisperer-Husky | Crowd Supply) to make it more or less equivalent to the Pro Kit?

The additional parts included in the CW-Pro kit are listed here: ChipWhisperer-Pro (Complete Level 3 Starter Kit) - NewAE Technology Inc

To build something close to the CW1200 kit around Husky, you would order the Husky starter kit
and the CW308 UFO Target Board from the Husky crowdsupply campaign, and the following from our webstore or Mouser:

The Pro gives you a few things you can’t get on Husky, like the touchscreen, metal enclosure, 5V target supply.

Is there any timeframe when I can buy the Pro kit?

The allow me to buy it now, but receive it later - can I just do that and receive it first when it comes into stock?

@jpthibault CW-Pro costs 4750$, but even if I buy CW-Husky, it would cost only:

  • Husky starter kit: 550$
  • CW308 UFO Target Board: 250$
  • Advanced Breakout Board (CW506): 120$
  • Probe Set with Power Supply: 325$

That together is 1245$, does “touchscreen, metal enclosure, 5V target supply” really make a ~3500$ difference? What else is in the Pro kit that increases the price?

If everything was available and can be bought, which kit is better feature-wide: Pro or Husky. I would like to just buy it once and then use it for the next 10 years. I’m hesitant to buy Husky if I’ll need Pro functionality at some point, I can just buy Pro and be done with it?

Unfortunately we’re at the mercy of many of our suppliers. We simply don’t have timelines for some chips (presumably in next year, but we also said that a year ago).

In the mean-time instead we’re working on our next-gen pro.

Currently, the CW-Husky is the best device we have (understandably confusing giving the price delta). We’ll have a “new pro” sometime in the next ~6 months or so I expect, which will basically reset everything (the “new pro” will be better than the husky). But the “new pro” will use the CW-Husky architecture, which means the CW-Husky is the better choice currently as it reflects our current design, architecture, etc.

Our current supply chain situation means we really have no clear timeline on the current pro delivery.

Hi @coflynn thank you for explaining, that helps a lot. I guess the best thing would be to wait ~6 months and order the pro version based on husky.

Will there be a kickstarter campain running again for the pro version?