Chipwhisperer proj - saving traces creates many files (per second)

I’m using the chipwhisperer tutorials via jupyter and when saving a project it seems to be using the seconds as a value for the time stamp of each record. Is it not possible to store the traces into single continious files ? Reason being I want to convert the traces into matlab format, for which i have script, but even there are a large amount of traces - ideally i want a single trace for each board i am using - currently doing more than 15 traces results in more files being generated (presumably as the next second has ticked in).
Many thanks in advance.


I’m not sure why you’re getting many different trace files, but seeing as the projects aren’t a well maintained part of the code base, I’d recommend just avoiding them. Everything ChipWhisperer needs can be easily stored in numpy files.


Cheers Alex,

Thanks for your reply, its appreciated. I agree, the ‘project’ part and documentation on the forums doesnt lend itself well to being able to configure parameters per-project. As is I’m just going with what I got and a script to transform the generated files into matlab format thanks to another script i found via the forums.

I’m pretty time-critical at the moment, so this will be something I revist later.
Thanks again,

Not sure if you’ve found this, but apparently you can save directly from numpy to matlab formats using scipy: — SciPy v1.9.0 Manual.