ChipWhisperer software 5.64

Hi, I’m new to SCA and power analysis. Many thanks for creating this toolchain, really interesting. I was wondering if there’s a tutorial anywhere where I could:

  1. find information on how I can use cw software without the hardware and firmware (I’ve got my own oscilloscope, probe, target board and so forth),
  2. I don’t quite get yet how I can get started with it without GUI.
    Many thanks for your responses.

ChipWhisperer can be used to analyze the traces from the scope that you’ve captured. You’ll need to put it into our project format (Capture Helpers — ChipWhisperer 5.6.1 documentation). Traces have four fields: a wave (the trace data as a numpy array), and textin/textout/key (all bytearrays). This involves transferring the data from your scope to your PC, loading them into Python, and putting them into the correct format (the Project described above).

How to get your trace data onto your PC and into Python isn’t something I can help with, as I have little experience in the area.

You’ll want to take a look at our tutorial notebooks, which go over using ChipWhisperer and its Python API to capture traces, analyze traces, etc.


Many thanks for your reply Alex