ChipWhisperer trigger offset

Hello, I am looking for someone who will write fpga code for ChipWhisperer-lite so that it triggers up to 6 times in one offset, I don’t know if it is possible at all and whether fpga is the limitation, let the experts comment

I have an external trigger

ext_continuous doesn’t work properly it’s limiting

# ... normal glitch setup
scope.glitch.num_glitches = 6 # insert 3 glitches

and please don’t write that ChipWhisperer-Husky has this option because I bought it but I’ve been waiting for 2 months

and one more question: does ChipWhisperer-Husky limit this function to clock cycles? can it trigger every 1ms? up to 6 times

If I understand correctly you have an external trigger coming into CW, and you want CW to issue 6 glitches when it gets that external trigger.

With CW-Lite, you can use the scope.glitch.repeat property to generate multiple glitches, but they will be on consecutive clock cycles. If you want them to be spread further apart, you’ll need… well you said that I’m not allowed to say.

The problem with adding such functionality to CW-Lite is that its FPGA is full; there is no space for additional features. It’s one of the reasons we made Husky! We have no plans to bring any of Husky’s new features back to the CW-Lite.

BTW scope.glitch.num_glitches is a Husky-only property, it will not do anything on CW-Lite.

The time interval between glitches is specified in clock cycles, not milliseconds. The clock is scope.glitch.clk_src, which should be in the MHz range, so it’s definitely possible to set up Husky to hit 1ms on the nose.

Hello, thank you for the detailed explanation

So it turns out that ChipWhisperer-Husky has no limitations regarding num_glitch 1ms at 100mhz is 100,000 clock cycles and this is enough to attack a larger target.

And the last question is whether you can buy ChipWhisperer-Husky from the manufacturer
because crowdsupply has just extended the pre-order until October 30
and I’ve been waiting for 3 months now.


At the moment you can only order from Crowdsupply / Mouser. We are doing our best to keep up with the demand.