Chipwhisperer VirtuallBox

I try to connect via virtualBox and I don’t know what to do now.
please help me, the tutorial doesn’t help (localhost:8888 does not exist).
I attach picture


Hi nir,

Please follow the instructions here.


instructions: “You are now ready to use ChipWhisperer. Open Chrome/Firefox and type localhost:8888
But, this page is not exist!! I am using in Chrome.

I was able to connect to Jupyter, but how do I open a virtual machine of server? At the end I need to see the server desktop as the video of the instructions.

Hi Nir,

When you say you were able to connect to Jupyter, do you mean at localhost:8888?
Forgive me if you already understand this but I think you may misunderstand how the VM is supposed to be used.

I’m assuming you’ve installed the VM and follow all the installation instructions for your host OS. Don’t forget to reboot the VM.

Then, on your host browser (not in the VM), go to localhost:8888. This will connect you to the Jupyter server running on the VM.

If this fails, there are a few possible reasons:

  • do you have some other process on your host using port 8888?
  • are your network settings blocking port 8888?

You can also make sure that Jupyter is running on the VM. Log on and try:
ps auxw |grep jupyter
You should see a and a jupyter-notebook process.

Check that the Jupyter server is listening at port 8888:
sudo lsof -i -P -n |grep 8888

Hi there,

I had the same problem, everything was running fine on the VM, took me way too long to find a solution.
I followed this video and my problem was solved, I no longer got the “This page does not exist” message.

I hope this helps.