Clean 5V power supply (CW 308 UFO)

What is the best option to get clean (noise and ripple free) 5V on CW 308 UFO board?
CW lite and CW husky don’t provide 5V via 20-pin cable.
Using of a regular external power supply 5V gives very noisy power.
Is lab level power supply an option in this case?
The custom target board requires up to 800 mA, I would use CW’s 3.3V to pass it to the LDO on the custom target board to get 1V but it is not enough in my case.

Probably, as an option of getting of clear power will be using of the linear power supply or the 5V laptop output from an USB port.
The regular switching power supplies are too noisy. In contrast, Apple’s PSU are more or less good in terms of noise level.

Most simple, basic, compact, cheap and steady 5V that I use is 6V batteries with a 7805 voltage regulator with some optional caps.
A fuse to protect the circuit for shorts.

PC USBports ports I have blown before but a simple fuse can prevent that.

Agree, the batteries is a good option.