Clean Power Supply

I’ve read that a clean power supply is important when doing SCA.

Currently I use a PC power supply box that I have sitting on top of my desk, ie the PSU that usually goes inside a PC but it is sitting on my desk not actually mounted in a PC. This provides me with many connections to 12V, 5V and 3.3V which covers 99% of my needs. I don’t know how “clean” this power would be though and worry that it could be an issue.

Perhaps you could sell a “clean power” board that takes as input a molex or sata style plug or even usb as input, and provides a clean version of the power as output, ready to use for SCA.

Not a bad idea! But yeah those power supplies are going to be very dirty… if you want something really nice I’m using a RIGOL DP832 myself - it’s not insanely expensive for a very nice piece of gear.

But if you’re not powering anything too major, you can always slap a linear regular on the end of your dirty supply. So take the 12V rail and use a linear regulator to bring it down to 5V for example, or 5V down to 3.3V. Something like … 82210.html even, although there is probably nicer ones!