Clock source multiplier for the ADC module

Is it possible to extend the scope.clock.adc_src property so that to assign the values like clkgen_x8, clkgen_x16, clkgen_x32, etc…?
Some MCU’s or SoC’s have frequency multipliers and it makes impossible to use the CW.
Suppose, the CW Husky drives some MCU with 7.37 Mhz. Internally, the MCU multiplies the input clock, say, 16 times and the CPU core is clocked by 120 Mhz.
Using max clkgen_x4 value gives 30 MS/sec only which makes impossible to run the SCA attacks against the core clocked by 120+ Mhz.

ChipWhisperer is open-source and so in theory anything is possible :wink:
However if you’re referring to the CW-Lite, its FPGA is quite full and so I think you will find it very challenging to add such options.

This is one of the reasons we developed Husky; there we added the scope.clock.adc_mul property, to set arbitrary clock multipliers.

In such a case you would need to find a way to either feed this 120MHz clock to the CW-lite, or to have the MCU not multiply its input clock by 16.

Nice! I have the CW Husky as well but I didn’t use it so far.