Clock Synchronization between Target and CW Lite

Hello i use the Clock Input HS1/I Pin from Chip Whisperer to Clock the Glitch Module by an external clock.
My Target has an Clock Output Pin where i provide 48MHz.
It looks like this:

Is this good enough or do i have to terminate something that everything works fine?

Thanks and best regards

The clock will never look like a perfect square wave. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine here.
For glitching, that clock goes to a pair of PLLs inside the FPGA. PLLs “lock” onto an input clock to generate a fresh clock with different properties (frequency, phase). So as long as the PLLs are able to achieve this lock, you’re good. You can check to see whether the PLLs are locked by running scope.glitch.readStatus(), which returns a 4-element tuple where the last 2 elements show the lock status (True/False).

Hi jpthibault thanks, it works the lock status is true if i read the status and the red LED´s are off. For the Glitch Module everything works fine but when i use the clock for the ADC it works until my target gets rebooted a couple times by the CW, then the lock fail status for the ADC is shown by the red LED.
Is there a way to solve this?

Try scope.clock.reset_adc(), then after a small delay check if scope.clock.adc_locked is True. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat this a couple of times.

Ok thanks it works with a small delay.

Best regards