Communication from Matlab

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to communicate my PC with my FPGA (Sakura-G) using Matlab instead of Python.
Can anyone give me some help please? I’m not pretty sure how to start to do this.

Thanks in advance

Hi Salva,

I’m not too sure how to do that… MATLAB has more limited I/O libraries, I’m not sure it can send the required USB traffic.

It might be easier to make a wrapper that calls the Python code somehow from within MATLAB.


Hello Colin, I want to do it in Matlab. Don’t you have a Matlab sample script ? Doing it using a wrapper class is a good option as well


Hi Salva,

I don’t actually control the SAKURA from MATLAB, all I do is analyze the results! So all the capture is done with CW, then the saved traces are loaded in MATLAB. This is very easy to do (since with Python you can export), but controlling the board will be more difficult.

What is CW ?