Compatible MCUs for nano's target


I read that Mbed exercise can be done with CWNano, but is needed another target with at least 32kb of flash, can I change the target mcu by any other with same pinout like stm32f042f6p7 or stm320f70f6p6 ?

To swap it on the nano itself it would have to be pin compatible. That’s not something we support.
Most would find it easier to buy a CW-lite, I think.

To add on a bit here, there are pin compatible F0’s that theoretically have enough flash, but I’ve never gotten MBED to work on them. My guess is that it’s a RAM issue, as there’s a lot of dynamic allocations going on in MBED and these wouldn’t easily show up in a simple compiler RAM check.

both I posted has same pintout, main differences are RAM (6kb versus 4kb) and flash (32kb vs 16kb) also the voltage allowed changes a little bit (the stm32042 allow from 2 to 3.6 volts while stm32f030 and stm32f070 goes from 2.4 to 3.6 volts)
@Alex_Dewar with what mcu tested mbed?

P.D. @jpthibault i’m saving for the husky, but for me both of them (husky or lite) are a little bit over my budget… maybe for the next re-stock I can get one :wink:

Not sure exactly which chip it was, but it had 32kB of flash instead of 16kB. It might’ve been the F07.

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Thank you both for your answers!