Connecting CW Lite Single Board to UFO Board

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to hardware hacking but would like to experiment with the CW Lite after coming across the Hardware Hackers Handbook.

At the moment the only CW Lite board I can see in stock on Mouser is the Single Board with Target attached. So I wanted to know how I would go about connecting the CW Lite Single Board to the UFO Board after breaking off the target board. I see I would need to solder a 20 pin IDC connector to the CW Lite and also a couple of SMA connectors.

My questions are:

  1. What type of SMA connector would I need to use? I found the following online ( is this suitable?
  2. Would I need to solder anything to the UFO Board or does that come with all the connectors and ports attached?
  3. Are there many other considerations I should take into account before purchasing / should I just wait for one of the starter kits to come back into stock?

Thanks for your time!

Yup, that should be fine.

Nope, the 20-pin and SMA connectors are both already on the UFO.

I think the only difference will be that you won’t get an STM32F0 board, but that target’s very similar to the STM32F3 that you do get, so I don’t think it’ll cause you any problems.


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