Connecting to Hardware: Unexpected start to command

Hello everyone, I’ve been getting my head around these boards, and after learning a couple of valuable lessons, I’m now going back to the lab to make sure everything is working correctly. I’ve been switching between software and hardware environments; sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. For now, I’ve rebuilt the lab, and everything seems to be functioning—the target responds. However, it seems that I’m having a problem with the SimpleSerial protocol that I can’t figure out.

I’ve programmed the target using J-link program

I’ve been stuck on line 18 for a while, and any generous help would be appreciated


There’s two different versions of simpleserial, V1 and V2. You need to either use both cw.targets.SimpleSerial2 and SS_VER_2_1 or cw.targets.SimpleSerial and SS_VER_1_1. I recommend the latter, as all the data is ASCII encoded, making it nicer to read.


Now it’s working just fine. I found that the tutorial script(“\run. generic.script########3”), when using SimpleSerial version 2, automatically sets the baud rate to 230400, which is not applicable to my SAM4L board, which only works at 38400. It also sets the receiver to low!