Continuous glitching

I tired continuous glitching and FPGA generates signal only for few ms and then signal drops almost to zero (see pic ) is that intentional or something is wrong, any idea how to fix that?

I’m trying to apply glitch a bit longer so I could use it with a button for example for not very sensitive devices.

Thank you!

yes its something wrong or something isnt documented…
continuous glitching works correct only with CLK glitch , when setup to use with VCC glitch there are strange things happend
also when you choose GLITCH ONLY for VCC GLITCH it doesnt glitching … it can glitch only if there is ENABLE ONLY option choosen
is good that someone else confirm my problems also so i am not alone and now i am sure that my CW LITE isnt damaged :slight_smile:

the rest of options i have tested and works good like:
manul trigger - correct
externall trigger - correct
externall trigger continuous - correct #in this case the continuous means that each time when trigger appear the CW LITE will generate glitch#
externall trigger offset - correct


Hmm… will try to duplicate this! Are you using the latest code from GIT? The latest release had issues with the FPGA bitstream build (the release from August) that was fixed in GIT. I guess it’s time for a real release.

If you aren’t using GIT -using ChipWhisperer instant allows you to do a “git pull” which gives you the latest firmware. I’ll add a note on the release page for now at least.


yes i use this one 0.12RC1 - Released August 31, 2015

Ah sorry… I have a long-overdue new release that fixes the issues. In the meantime you can download using the “Download Zip” button at I think. Basically if you copy over place it will replace any updated files.

Otherwise I’m trying to get a release pushed out this week, but I wanted to fix a few other outstanding issues that have been on my “todo” list since ~October.

ok thanks i downloaded

Did this help by chance?

yes in fact for now im focusing on xmega C code glitch
later ill test other fault functions like i said is no problem for now just i noticed theres something wrong with fpga code
thanks for all