CW 305 FPGA Target: How do I use ports on board and add them in constraints file?

I want to run some personal computations on CW305. For that I want to exclude all the USB interfaces provided in the default program and want to use some ports such as:

  1. TP1 (normally we use it to get trigger in oscilloscope)
  2. LEDs (I see led1-3 are listed in constraint file)
  3. Ports like C13, B16, B14.
  4. clock

I can use 2 but not sure how should i add 1 and 3,4 in constraint file. How do I do that? For running the code I need to use a clock I am not sure if I can use the usb_clk or pll_clk1 defined in the constraint file.

This is easy: if you want to connect pin C13 to a port named “C13_port” in your FPGA design, you would add this to your project’s constraint file:
set_property PACKAGE_PIN C13 [get_ports C13_port]

TP1 is connected to TIO4, aka tio_trigger (T14) in our example constraint file.

LEDs 1-2-3 are the only LEDs connected to the FPGA (others are controlled by the Atmel processor).

You can use whichever clock you’d like… usb_clk is a fixed 96 MHz clock, while pll_clk1 is generated by the on-board CDCE906 PLL and can be programmed to any frequency in the range of [630kHz, 167MHz] with target.pll.pll_outfreq_set(<desired frequency in Hz>, 1), as we show in this notebook