CW Capture for attacks using H Probe

Hi, I’m trying to run an electromagnetic attack on CW305 by using H probe as described in this video: CW Tips: H-Probe Usage for Side Channel Analysis - YouTube

Is there any way to visualize the traces while they are being captured by ChipWhisperer so that I can know where to place the H Probe?

Thank you in advance

Yep, see the example here: chipwhisperer-jupyter/Lab 4_2 - CPA on Firmware Implementation of AES (HARDWARE).ipynb at master · newaetech/chipwhisperer-jupyter · GitHub

Thank you for your rapid response. When I try to run the code it says the function StreamPlot() does not exist in the ChipWhisperer library. Instead I used the library matplotlib.pylab and worked fine.

You must be on an older release; if you update to the 5.7.0 release, or use the github develop branch, then you’ll get it.