CW - Lite FPGA & SAM3U

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner in SCA area and I’m trying to understand the board itself first before I move forward, I read the doc about it but I couldn’t see any part talk in details or in general about the functionality of each chip on board, so what I understand so far, the target board is upload already with a piece of AES ( I thought it will be uploaded with the AES once I select the AES test on the SW but from analyzing the channel “RX, TX” , it was a very short and it can’t be the AES. Yes I couldn’t decode it but I notice it’s very small, it must be like an arguments or parameters, anyway ). What I couldn’t understand so far the following:

1- What’s the job of the FPGA here? What’s the functionality of it here?
2- What’s the job of the SAM3U MCU also?

I know it’s somehow far from what you are expecting here guys, but it will useful for everyone to understand the board itself and how it’s work before we go deep