CW-Nano GDB Debugging

Hey, everyone! I am working on trying to use the CW-Nano in the Rust programming language. Currently, I am struggling with getting openocd to connect to the Nano. I noticed in the Demo notebook here in the Hardware Setup section that integration with the Nano is “coming soon.”

Has anyone else had any success with using openocd for the Nano? Or is there any progress on the Nano’s openocd integration?

I would appreciate any help, thanks!


Are you trying to run rust on the target? That notebook you linked to is referring to the CW312 target board, instructions are already there for the Nano with the CW308.

If you’re trying to use the built in target, that will be more difficult. There aren’t any SWD connection between the target and capture sides of the board, so you’ll need to connect the SWD clock and data pins, which are J_TCK and J_TMS, respectively, to pads on the bottom of the target side of the board.


Hi, yes, I am planning on using the built-in target. I currently have the Nano attached to the pins on the capture side, but no pins connected on the target side.
For clarification, what pins on the bottom side of the target board should I connect the J_TCK and J_TMS to?


There should be two test pads on the back of the target, labeled TP1 and TP2. J_TCK is the clock pin (connects to TP2) and J_TMS is the data pin (connects to TP1).