CW Nano schematics available anywhere? Looking how to program STM32F0 from outside

Are there Chipwhisperer Nano schematics available anywhere (as pdf, png or sch)? I looked at the wiki, repo, tried to google it, but couldn’t find anything.

Is SWD/JTAG connected to any outside pins on CW Nano board?

Or is it programmed through the STM32 bootloader commands judging by looking at the UART at 115200 baud as BOOT0 is high? (0x7f to select UART bootloader, 0x00 0xFF Get command, response seems to be 0x79 ACK followed by 0x0b 0x31 … and the list of supported commands, 0x02 0xFD to get chip id…)

Schematics are here:

Thanks. I was looking for sch/brd that’s why I missed it I guess. The TP1 and TP2 should be connected to SWD next to J6 then.