CW v5 digital filter


i do have a problem with enabling digital filters.
This is my code:

filter_traces = cwa.preprocessing.DigitalFilter(project)

#filter_traces.form = “butterworth”
filter_traces.type = “low”
filter_traces.freq1 = 0.05
filter_traces.freq2 = 0.8
filter_traces.order = 5

#filter_traces.enabled = True
new_proj = filter_traces.preprocess()

I tried with filter_traces.enabled = True and without. The traces after processing just look the same.
Anything I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help.


The digital filter wasn’t ported to chipwhisperer 5, so it may not work at all. The module appears to
just lightly wrap the signal module from scipy, so you might find it easier to directly use that.