CW1173 board LED description missing

I can see several LED’s description on

  • But missing from main board LED D2.
  • From target board missing LED 9 and 10

What are the descriptions of those 3 LED’s?


LEDs 9 and 10 on the target side of the board are just user controllable LEDs. They’re used in a couple of the projects for the tutorials (mostly the password/glitch ones) and can be accessed with led_ok(1) and led_error(1).

D2, as far as I can tell, is unused.


Regarding D2, isn’t it for “DCM not locked”?


Hi 3,

“DCM not locked” are on D7 and D5 up on the top of the board and are connected to the FPGA. D2 is connected to the Sam3u. It’s referred to as LED1_GPIO in the source files and is initialized, but always set as low.


Ah, Sorry for confusion!

Thanks, now I understand the user interface.