CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite keep discounecting!

Hello there!
My CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite keeps disconnecting every now and then while I’m trying to run labs. When I replug it, it works just fine, but after a few seconds, it just disconnects. I guess any solution would ease this thing a little bit.


Does it happen with no target connected?

Does the OS give any indication of a USB problem? (e.g. something like this: boot - USB 2-1 Over-Current message - Ask Ubuntu)

Did you try a different USB cable and/or port, or disconnect other USB devices?

My USB Controller is set to USB3.1. I opened a new Jupyter kernel and connected my scope, and it seems that it doesn’t disconnect when it’s not connected to a target!! The ‘D7’ is constantly red. UART ‘D9’ is beeping blue, and ‘D1’ is beeping yellow.

This isn’t likely to be related to the problem here; I was suggesting trying different physical USB ports. If the same USB port is powering CW-Lite and a target (and I think you’ve posted about non-CW targets before), there could be some issue around current draw. So, CW-lite only, no target, no other USB devices, trying different USB ports to see if one is able to maintain CW connected.

LED states is pretty normal; D7 on means that the ADC clock isn’t locked – what does scope.clock say?

So – if it’s stable without a target, what’s the target that was connected?

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I’m using SAM4L target board.
UFO target board - CW308-04.