CW1173 Layout Documents

Where can I found the layout for the hardware? , I noticed that not all pins are routed on the board and I will like to read the schematics if that is possible. Any idea where can I find it?


The controller I am using is the STM32F303, what I need is the layout of this, I just found the xmega layout which is different.

Hello, Jaimepenag)

You can find CW308 STM32 here on the bottom of page.
The board CW308 you can find here


Hi NikSha,
Thanks for your reply. But I am using board CW1173 as the subject says, the thing is that I only see the CW1173 with the xmega target, for that I can see the schematics. But the microcontroller I have with the board is the SM32F303 and for that one I can not find the schematics. Where may I get it?