CW1200 ack error

I am using CW1200 pro kit and getting ack error, kindly help me out!

I am trying following code:


here is code:

Perform the capture, resulting in trace_array and textin_array of 2500 traces.

#raise NotImplementedError(“Add your code here, and delete this.”)
from tqdm.notebook import trange
from chipwhisperer.capture.acq_patterns.basic import AcqKeyTextPattern_Basic
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

target = #cw.targets.SimpleSerial can be omitted
ktp = AcqKeyTextPattern_Basic()
N = 50 # Number of traces
traces = []

for i in trange(N, desc=‘Capturing traces’):
key, text = # manual creation of a key, text pair can be substituted here

trace = cw.capture_trace(scope, target, text, key)
if trace is None:

#Convert traces to numpy arrays
trace_array = np.asarray([trace.wave for trace in traces])
textin_array = np.asarray([trace.textin for trace in traces])
known_keys = np.asarray([trace.key for trace in traces]) # for fixed key, these keys are all the same

assert(len(trace_array) == 2500)
print(“:heavy_check_mark: OK to continue!”)

Capturing traces: 0%
0/50 [00:00<?, ?it/s]

(ChipWhisperer Target ERROR|File Ack error:

Warning Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp\ipykernel_10180\ in
18 key, text = # manual creation of a key, text pair can be substituted here
—> 20 trace = cw.capture_trace(scope, target, text, key)
21 if trace is None:
22 continue

c:\chipwhisperer\software\ in capture_trace(scope, target, plaintext, key, ack, poll_done, as_int, always_send_key)
485 if key:
→ 486 target.set_key(key, ack=ack, always_send=always_send_key)
488 scope.arm()

c:\chipwhisperer\software\chipwhisperer\capture\targets\ in set_key(self, key, ack, timeout, always_send)
552 if ack:
553 if self.simpleserial_wait_ack(timeout) is None:
→ 554 raise Warning(“Device failed to ack”)
555 else:
556 target_logger.debug(“Key unchanged, skipping send”)

Warning: Device failed to ack

The code that you’re running looks quite old. Are you running the latest ChipWhisperer software/jupyter? Also, did you run the preceding steps where you upload firmware onto the target board?


@Alex_Dewar I have set all the setting but have no idea to set following setting

Clocks the scope ADC at 4*7.37MHz. Note that this is synchronous to the target clock on HS2

can you kindly guide me to ensure above setting?