CW1200 SAD Match - "WARNING:Timeout in OpenADC capture"

I am new to CW1200 and SAD.

I am using CW1200 with XMega and H filed probe.
Most of the times, I get “WARNING:Timeout in OpenADC capture(), trigger FORCED”.
If I reset CW1200, it will will work fine with SAD match enabled for trigger just few times.
If I switch from SAD to Basic in Trigger module, capture works fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hi praxis,

There is a tutorial specific to some of the Pro-only features due to its better hardware. Tutorial_P1_Stream_Mode_and_Advanced_Triggering. Let me know if this helps you figure out the features.


I got that as well, when using version 4.0.1

I’ve gone back to version 3.2.0 by cloning the github repo, and that seems to resolve my ADC timeout problems