CW305, ChipWjisperer Capture V4.0.0 Board bit stream

I do not know why the bitstream is not installed to the FPGA using the capture V4.0.0?
I put program FPGA after puting the path of the bitstream and then i do program FPGA.
these are the messanges:

[‘Generic Settings’, ‘Target Module’, ‘ChipWhisperer CW305 (Artix-7)’],
[‘ChipWhisperer CW305 (Artix-7)’, ‘FPGA Bitstream’, ‘Bitstream File’, u’D:/MY_DATA/Xilinx_projects/debug_Artix7/debug_Artix7.runs/impl_1/led_debug.bit’],
[‘ChipWhisperer CW305 (Artix-7)’, ‘FPGA Bitstream’, ‘Program FPGA’, None],
[‘ChipWhisperer CW305 (Artix-7)’, ‘FPGA Bitstream’, ‘Program FPGA’, None],

Just i want to try to make the leds on on the CW305.

Thanks for your help!

These are the messages when i am trying to download the bitstream:

INFO - Target Disconnected
INFO - Found CW305 Artix FPGA Board, Serial Number = 4420312043304a383330313238313038
INFO - SAM3U Firmware version = 0.20 b0
WARNING - FPGA Done pin failed to go high, check bitstream is for target device.
INFO - Target Connected
WARNING - FPGA Config failed: DONE pin did not go high. Check bitstream is for target device.


Hi yehya,

Does the bitstream included in the ChipWhisperer install work? It can be found here:
Also, did you try the example in the documentation? It can be found here