CW305 - Could not find Chipwhisperer

Hi, I am new to hardware programming. I followed the procedure for Windows installation of ChipWhisperer. When I connect my device, I can find the device in device manager


But when I run the following code
%run Setup_Scripts/Setup_Generic.ipynb
I’m getting error as “USB Device not found. Did you connect it first?” is for connecting to a CW capture device (CW-lite/pro) and its target.
I’m assuming you have only the CW305 connected to your computer. In that case, this is how you connect to it:

import chipwhisperer as cw
target =, cw.targets.CW305, fpga_id='100t', force=False)

(or fpga_id='35t', if that is the FPGA on your CW305)
This will program the target FPGA with our example AES bitfile. If you have your own bitfile, then add a bsfile=<path_to_file> argument to

When you also have a CW-lite/pro, then look to our CW305 demo notebook.


Thank you! I’m able to run my own bitfile on the device.