CW305 for PUF evaluation


I’m considering buying the CW305 for two reasons; as an FPGA target for side-channel attacks as well as a platform to test out PUFs (with the socketed version). On your website you write “… perfect for checking Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) under the exact same environmental conditions across multiple FPGAs”. Do you have any PUF projects available? Or do you plan on providing some in the near future?



The CW305 was designed for many purposes… as you see PUF is something you could do with it. I haven’t done any PUF research though so didn’t have any examples to contribute :wink:

In a quick search I had found some FPGA implementations available such as - any such implementation should be portable to the CW305. If you need help with the interface we can provide some guidance there too.