CW305 led4 always off in USB configuration mode


I’m working with CW305 to analyze my own algorithm. I uploaded my own bitstream and it was working fine yesterday. I was unplugging and uploading the bit file every time I wanted to capture some output. (I was careful about the SMA cable connection process -always power off-) I never enabled the SPI mode but now the LED4 is always off and I don’t think there is a bit file inside the FPGA.
Also on the board, the red LED1 is blinking, the yellow LED8 is always ON, 7SEG1 is 0, 7SEG2 is 1 and 7SEG3 is blinking (most of the time 0 but changes to 1 repetitively -nonperiodic, after some time stays still at 0-).

I updated the firmware of CW305 but the problem remains the same.

And when I try PA_HW_CW305_1-Attacking_AES_on_an_FPGA demo with CWlite right after the first capture setup command the red led on the CWlite lights and never goes off the ADC always fails to lock.

What can I do to fix this problem?


In [ ] scope.clock

Out [ ]

adc_src       = extclk_x4
adc_phase     = 0
adc_freq      = 0
adc_rate      = 0.0
adc_locked    = False
freq_ctr      = 0
freq_ctr_src  = extclk
clkgen_src    = system
extclk_freq   = 10000000
clkgen_mul    = 2
clkgen_div    = 26
clkgen_freq   = 7384615.384615385
clkgen_locked = True

1- Do you get any error message when you try to program the FPGA target?
2- Can you double-check that all the switches are set as per section 3.2 of
3- Can you try different USB ports, or powering from the DC jack.

Maybe this problem began after I used CWlite and CW305 from the same USB hub. Then I read on the forum that might be a problem and connected them separately but the problem remained.

Finally, after the double toggle of all the switches and the DC jack, it came back to regular.