CW305 PinOuts Help

Good afternoon,

I am very new to the CW ecosystem and am trying to run a custom Verilog build on my CW305. I would like to utilize some sort of uart communication to pass in inputs to my build after I have programmed it onto my target board.

The issue is I do not know how to find the correct pinouts to use, or how to utilize the commands.

I have looked at the demos provided in the GitHub and the NAE CW305 hardware schematic (I can see this contains all the pin mappings but am unable to figure out which pins I would want to use to send inputs/ receive outputs).

I saw that the TIO1 - TIO4 can be used as pinouts if I want to communicate over the 20-pin ribbon (between my CW305 and CWLite), but I do not know how to designate this

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Very Respectfully,

First I recommend you familiarize yourself with our example CW305 projects, which are all gathered here.

You can definitely establish communication between CW-Lite and CW305 using UART. By default, TIO1 is used for Rx, TIO2 for Tx, but this is configurable. If what you intend to build on the CW305 is a soft-core processor, then UART makes sense; our Ibex and DesignStart examples do this.

For hardware cores, the parallel interface used by our AES and ECC examples usually makes more sense, since it has much higher bandwidth than UART, and is easier to extend.

Finally, we have an appnote on the CW305 hardware AES target that you may find useful.