Cw305 traces graphs

hello, I am attempting to grab power traces using the cw305 target board an the artix 7. i have used part of the code found on page 22 of the whitepaper and graphed some of the traces. can i confirm that the vertical axis is the voltage amount? what does the horizontal axis represent? i know for the tutorials it was the number of samples or loops that the code did but how does that correlate to the writing of the plaintext and the encryption? thanks.

The x axis is samples. If you’re sampling synchronously (as all our tutorials do), then there are a fixed number of samples per target clock cycle. On cw-lite that is determined by scope.clock.adc_src; on Husky, scope.clock.adc_mul. As for what the target is doing on which cycle: for our CW305 AES example you can run the testbench here to see exactly what goes on.

The y-axis is an uncalibrated dimensionless number that is roughly proportional to the target’s power consumption.

thank you very much for the response