CW305 UART Serial Output


I am using the Chipwhisperer CW305 target. I have a MicroBlaze the fabric running an application. Does the CW305 have any UART support such that I could write printf outputs from my MicroBlaze application to a serial console? Is this possible over the USB interface? I do not see any other serial interfaces I could use to connect to a PC to read UART output over a serial console. Any guidance here would be appreciated. Thank you.


There’s no connection between the SAM3U on the CW305 and the FPGA, so your best bet will probably be to route a UART to the 40-pin header and use a USB/UART converter to read the data.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the prompt follow up!

Another option is to use the 20-pin connector IO1/IO2 pins for UART, like most of our targets do – you’ll then be able to read via your ChipWhisperer capture board using read() from

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I see! Thank you for the insight.