CW305 working attack

I have a device that uses 35T firmware but I failed when it implements attacks like in tutorials. My implementation even can’t crack the key after 50000 plaintexts. Can you please help me about this problem?

Which version of CW software are you using?
If you’re not using the latest release then there may be a bug in the attack code; it was fixed by this commit. This fix is included in the latest release.


I am using lastest version. I installed last week and I am updated using git update.

It is v5.1,2. Is it correct?

If you’ve installed the latest release, or pulled and updated either the develop or master branches, then you should have the fix I referred to. However the version reported should actually be 5.1.3 – I’ll assume that’s a typo on your part.

When you say the attack isn’t working, are any of the key byte guesses correct?

There is another issue you may be running into: projects with more than 10k traces don’t get properly saved. The fix for this is on the develop branch:


In never finds any key or subkey, even it is not close. I investigated the traces and it look fine. I tried 5000 pt and it could not find also.

Also what do the correlation #'s look like (maybe copy the table or screenshot if possible?). And what do the traces look like visually, similar to the tutorial examples?

…and what if you use the last_round_state_diff leakage model instead? I assume it still fails but what does the table look like then?

Sorry for the delay, just now getting around to double-checking that the notebook works for me (it does).
Your screen shot of the PGE with the last_round_state_diff model actually shows the correct answer in the first row – it’s just not recognized as the right key by the attack. See what I get:

This is exactly the bug I first mentioned (
Somehow you’re not running the version of CW that you think you are.
One way this can happen is if you have multiple installations lying around.

Run this on your end to confirm where CW is being pulled from:

import chipwhisperer as cw

then refer to the installation instructions to fix as required.

Hope this helps!

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