CW308 debug/programming via PE USB MULTILINK


The PowerPC victim can be programmed only via an external debugger U-Multilink.
I don`t have previous experience in this field.
I am looking for step by step instructions how to connect the NXP U-Multilink to the CW308.
The first most basic question how to connect the ribbon cable with the right polarity.
Can any one help me with it?


Hi Valery,

You’ll want to use the JTAG port on the Multilink, which I believe is Port B. The polarity is marked on the CW308 (the 1 on J6 marks the first pin). I don’t remember if there’s a marking on the Multilink, but I’d guess the connector should be oriented the same way as the keyed connectors there, so pin 1 should be closer to the USB connector.


Thank you Alex.
Not seem like it is connected right, but where i can find additional instructions how to proceed from this point?

Do you have PROGPPCNEXUS or another piece of software to use with the Multilink? I think NXP’s free IDE also supports the Multilink, but I don’t think we’ve tried that out for programming.

I’d recommend checking out the documentation for the Multilink as well: Multilink Debug Probes | Debug Probes for many ARM and 8-/16-/32-bit devices (software sold separately) | PEmicro

Eventually, it works!