CW308_STM32F1 linking error

When the target platform is set to CW308_STM32F1, there are standard library errors. Compilation and linking report undefined functions like _sbrk when the platform is set to CW308_STM32F1. However, when the platform is set to CW308-STM32F4 or F0, it compiles and links without issue. This problem persists even after upgrading to the latest version 5.7.0. How should I resolve this?

This was solved by adding LDFLAGS += -specs=nosys.specs to the makefile.but i dont know why.

My theory right now is that this is something that might vary with compiler version and this also affects floating point, so there’s a bit of inconsistency between STM targets at the moment, especially since we don’t use the F1 internally as much as the F0, F3, or L5.


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