CW308 UFO Board - BOM

Is a BOM (Bill of Materials) file, pcb layout for CW308 UFO Board (CW308 UFO - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation) available?
Is the BOM file available for CW308T-STM32F3?
Can I download files from somewhere?

Check out the CW308 target repo: GitHub - newaetech/chipwhisperer-target-cw308t: ChipWhisperer CW308 UFO Target Hardware Files
Some of the targets have BOM files, the STM32 does not but it’s just a handful of resistors and capacitors.

Thanks, I checked this page.
Is there a BOM file, pcb layout for CW308 UFO Board - main-board for targets?

Ah sorry I thought you were asking about the STM32. We haven’t open-sourced the design files for the CW308 main board for various reasons. If you have / build an STM32 target board, you could simply power it directly from your ChipWhisperer capture board, without a CW308 main board.

Thank you for your response.

how can I power it directly from ChipWhisperer capture board without a CW308 main board?
Can I use CW308_STM32F3 with ChipWhisperer-Lite without CW308 UFO Board ?

Consider how the CWLITEARM works. You just need to make the required connections from the ChipWhisperer’s 20-pin connector to your CW308_STM32F3 with jumper cables. Refer to the schematics on

Thank you for your response.