CW308T-AURIX-TC233 not in stock at Mouser?

Any idea when/if the TC233 board will be back in stock at Mouser?

Apparently I can still order it in the NEWAE Webshop, but our procurement people prefer mouser…


Hi Matthias,

This product isn’t stocked by them by default - which means they won’t stock it until they start getting orders for it.

We do have stock of 11 here so it would ship to Mouser within a few days of them ordering from us (probably 1-2 days).

If you’re not in a rush please submit via Mouser if easier - there is probably a >2 week lag if you order now while it ships to them & then to you (normally it takes mouser a few days at least to process stuff once they receive it from us - COVID-19 operations might be slowing that down).



Ah, perfect, thanks!

On their site it said “16 weeks lead time”, so that was a bit shocking…

Yeah - they use a default lead-time for us mostly, as sometimes it is very slow if we are backlogged. We don’t have that fancy integration system that larger manufactures have :wink: